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How boring.

In and effort to find my wallet which holds the pin to my debit card, I have spent most of my morning cleaning my room up. Quite a feat due to all my clothes and the fact that I, oddly, have nowhere to put anything. My things will migrate from the tops of tables and dressers, to the floor, and then when I start cleaning up the floor they will all migrate back upwards. And then when the floor is clear, I'll end up repeating the process. I have no organizational skills. I blame this on the fact that I have such trouble looking at the big picture sometimes. I can see it, but I can't see how to achieve it. But if I just look at one corner or surface then I can figure that out easy.

Suppose that explains why I have no artistic skills. :)

Leon has been coming up every-so-oft to visit. I brought up a rope with me one of the last times we went down so that I can play with him next time he decides he wants to.

Got my laptop back upstairs a few days ago. I can now look outside while I'm sitting here taking a break and thinking. It's really foggy and doesn't seem to be going away. If anything it just looks like it's getting thicker, juuuust like my brain clutter. I like fog. The entire room cleaning ordeal has also triggered thinking about money. Another instance where I can't see the big picture. I wanted to get an x-box, but then I remembered that Leon is behind on his shots and immunizations, and he comes first. 10 times out of 10. So now I'm re-thinking everything. What do I need versus what do I want, and what has to come out automatically. I'm just hoping this arrangement with Layton, with the food-money thing works. Also need to apply for SSI... and I have no idea how the fuck to do that.

I really need to find my wallet so I can put the 200 in my bank and get that camcorder...

And tomorrow it's pie.