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Well, I had a long, mostly boring and only slightly interesting but in the worst way possible, day. Overall it ended well enough and I suppose I can't complain.

A very large part was spent at the DSHS office in Kent. And of course, like the moron I am, managed to forget my PSP. I did have Letters From The Earth by Mark Twain, but it was too distracting there to read. Too many people around and making me uncomfortable. Over three frigging hours sitting in that damn... Completely besides the point I am quite sure.

When I first got in there with mom there was a guy, probably not much older than myself, reading what appeared to be some crappy fiction some book. He saw my hoodie, the Twilight Princess one that everyone and their mom has (seriously is there not a single person who hasn't had it?) and took it upon himself to use it as a "conversation starter" to talk to me. Apparently at one point he had one just like it. Big surprise. I can say this all now in dry sarcasm but at the time it was the most horrible thing that could have happened, crowded room full of people and one of them happens to be EXTREMELY outgoing and takes me on to be his new prey, and I just wanted to be left alone with my damn book. That's what it always feels like when I get shoved into something like that and I'm not drunk off my ass in the dark. Like being hunted. Again, off the subject. So I started freaking out and tried to ignore him and focus on my book while he persisted in trying to converse. He asked if I was a gamer (sort of I guess) me what my favorite in the series is, and I told him Twilight Princess. I'm sure that probably made me sound like a total noob, but as much as I love it I haven't played that many of the games, let alone all the way through so I won't say I like something I haven't finished. Otherwise I could probably say Majora's Mask. Imho, it's a vastly underrated game. He then proceeded to tell me his personal favorite was Link To The Past.

Then it got really fantastic.

He asked for my phone number so that maybe we can hang out sometime and play games. And you'll have to excuse me if I don't completely believe that is what you meant. Maybe it is, but with all the men I have gotten to know in my life, friendship is not what they want if they can't get anything "worthwhile" out of it. So I really started to panic and "Um, ah, er... I... ah..."
"You don't have a phone?"
"Well I should give you my number and we should hang out sometime."

So he did. Shortly after that he was called up to the counter and I was given room to breath. After that he left, with a small wave in my direction and I think possibly a sad look on his face, or maybe it's just my own guilt. I really don't want to call him but I feel bad for not giving him the benefit of the doubt, or at least being able to tell him I'm currently in a relationship. Maybe he would have still wanted to hang out and maybe with James too. Maybe they could have gotten along. I sure as fucking hell wouldn't do anything without James there.

I suppose at the very least I should be amused that the name he wrote on the post-it was link.

The rest of the time spent at the office was uneventful, the lady who helped was very nice and considerate, and when we got out mom let me go to 7-11 and get a Domo Slurpee. I've gone into Domo obsession mode and am trying very hard not to jump all over everything I see. Today it was a DVD. Couple more errands later and I was finally able to go back home.

Layton brought James and some food up a little after 5 and eventually I told Layton about what happened, not wanting to and knowing full well what the outcome of that would be. He took it VERY personally.

"I wish girls would come up and just hand me their phone number. That would be awesome. Why can't they do that to me?"

Because I really wanted that number. In fact I was just so thrilled that he was talking to me I literally could not breath for a period. My throat closed up on me in enthusiasm. Yeah... Fantastic.

I don't understand why he has to take things like that so personally. It's stupid, rude and it completely demeans any of the agony I go through. We are completely opposite in sex and have extremely different personalities so of course our experiences will be different. While I will get hit on more, he will be less. And I will enjoy it less while he enjoys it more. I could just slap him when he does that. Piss you off? Get a goddamn sex change, then you can get a million fucking guys crawling all over you, JUST LIKE I DO. *rawr* He does a really good job of making me feel pretty terrible and angry at times. I'm glad I have James. When Layton will make me feel terrible, James always makes me feel better about these sorts of things, like it's really no big deal.

I was able to carve the pumpkin with James while they were up here and got Layton to play a little bit of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, which was released on the virtual console Monday. I'll have to get a picture of the pumpkin tomorrow. It's not much, but it's nice. He was saying one of these years we're going to get a whole bunch of pumpkins. :) I didn't get any seeds out of it this year, they were all bloated with water and almost indistinguishable from the pulp, but I'm ok with that. I got to carve it with James. I'm happy.

Layton needs to go out and get a pumpkin too if he really wants one. Before it's too late.

So the day started out pretty horrible, but it ended well enough. Maybe I'll be able to get on disability, who knows.


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(Deleted comment)
Oct. 31st, 2009 08:27 am (UTC)
Yeah, none taken. Not by me anyway. :) His attitude is something you sort of become accustomed to after awhile though.

The guy seemed nice enough, I just don't know how to deal with people, and say things. I never know if what I'm saying is going to come off as being rude. I'm extremely dumb when it comes to knowing what's right or wrong when speaking.
Oct. 30th, 2009 02:41 am (UTC)
The new opening line on my cupid profile (the site I only joined for the wacky tests, as my profile has ALWAYS stated that I get endlessly hit on by guys through anyway....) seems to be a pretty good sleaze ball deterrent: I'm really not into straight guys.

If it fails, I suppose I could go on to say that nothing turns me on more than seeing a guy suck the cock of any random other guy I bring home.... (Why, oh why, do they always assume that dating a bi girl means that THEY'LL get to watch lots of hot lesbian action....)
Oct. 31st, 2009 08:29 am (UTC)
Lol, if I only had your balls. :) He seemed like a nice enough person, I just don't know how to communicate with people.
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