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I am disgustingly skinny.

I'm the person that women are referring to when they get up on their soapboxes and bitch about how skinny women are corrupting and unreal. I'm the person who they want to be while they stuff their face with McDonalds, Cheetos, and diet colas. I can stuff myself with twice what they can and not gain a pound.

And I'm also the person who, when I go shopping for clothes, can't find a damn thing in my size outside of the children's section. And we all know how awesome childrens clothes look on adult women. *sigh* I hate being so skinny. Fucking hyperthyroidism... LET ME BE NORMAL!

There are some rare days when it's useful, like if I have to get behind a dresser which is to heavy to pull out so I can plug in and unplug a ps1 for James... But I think that's it.