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Oct. 16th, 2009

Out shopping layton decided he wanted to get me the flask that says poison on it instead of getting it for himself. That was really nice of him. :) I also was able to get a mini skeleanimals lunch box for myself. It's cute. I like the skeleanimals in a general sense, but not so much what they stand for. Vegan hippies... *ahem* I was also able to get one of those glitter water cups (part of my childhood speaking out). It was stupid, but made me happy to have.

Tomorrow I have to go through the agony of taking Simon and James in to the vet office. I think though, unless James asks for otherwise, I may just sit this one out in the lobby with Leon. Eeee, stress...

I have 3 hours of Kurokami open and loaded in you tube windows. Not the best so far, it's watchable though the stray hair bugs me, but I'll stick with it through the end. It's only fair. Wish they would upload more Baccano! Only two episodes so far! Wah!