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James has a job at Gamestop again.

Simon escaped awhile back and apparently was in a cat fight awhile back. Or attacked by another cat. He now has a fight wound and after 10 days it has not healed. I'm calling the vet in the morning to make an appointment for James, possibly for Monday, because this is indicative of a bigger, more serious problem. :(

I'm being referred over to a new therapist, I think she's qualified as that, who is more specialized into my needs and what needs to be done to help. Her name is Carrie too. She's traveled a bit and is one of the few people who works with people like me. I suppose we'll see where this goes.

Continuing on watching Star Trek, I'm mostly doing it so that when James' dad brings it up I'll have some frame of reference, and breaking the sometimes monotony of it by watching anime on YouTube. Darker Than Black is neat. I'd like to buy it someday. And Nurse Witch Komugi was amusing. :)

Also playing a lot of Breath of Fire III. I didn't think I would be able to get so into it when I first started since the beginning felt like a rehash of everything I've played before, but it's a good game and stands well on it's own. I'm also mentally attempting to finish watching When They Cry. I feel like such a 'tard for not having done that yet, but it's hard when I don't have my own tv or dvd player upstairs anymore. Used to lay in bed and watch it before I went to bed. But alas, life, she doth change. Or something.

Went shopping with James today to get clothes for work. And I got orange spice lip balm and a pink key-chain turtle out of it. There were two turtles, james took the blue one and I had the pink. Kinda weird... Tomorrow Layton is going to take me out Halloween shopping. I wanna be a witch this year. And take Leon out trick-or-treating.

There is a lot of stuff I want to do. None of which will probably happen.