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Oh god, what have I done?

I put up an ad on craigslist today for free apples. Don't want to deal with them anymore. I'm tired of picking them up only to have to toss in the compost or haul them out back. Suggested it earlier in the summer to mom, but she said she knows people who would want them so I didn't. And I don't think she let anyone know. Charlene was the only one who got any for making some pies.

Which reminds me, she's coming by tomorrow.

Anyway, so James and I have been picking most of them up and it's a major killer on the back. (I'm going to have to do this later with the prunes, oh joy of joys.) So I'm tired, back hurt and I was a little grumpy and a lot depressed, so I put an ad up. 9 responses later, I've pulled the listing down and am now hoping that there are enough to go around for the people who want them. I will feel so bad if there aren't, because it's only one tree. :x

One for a bunny, one for 5 gallons for a horse, another for a cow, some for chickens in exchange for eggs; a lady who wants to freeze them for making pies in the winter, one who has 4 kids little food and no car (can you deliver?), one who wants to come by tomorrow while my appointment is (so I have to say, no, sorry, can you pick another time?), and Igor and Svetlana who I have no idea what they want them for, and Igor (is it the same?) who, again, no idea.

I don't want to respond to all these emails, but I know I have to. It would be rude not to and I put it up, so I have to deal with it. My therapist also wanted me to look at this site during the week. A homework assignment of sorts I guess. But I've been pushing it to the side and pushing it to the side because the couple of times I have tried to look at it I've gotten quickly bored (and a little sad) because it's nothing I don't already know.

I dug the grave...

Oh, and this was cute and made me smile.

Fuck. Need to stop procrastinating.



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Sep. 23rd, 2009 01:46 am (UTC)
I hate self-help type stuff. They always try to be all reassurring while at the same time telling you, "Yes dear, you DO have a problem!"

That Chinese face-reading book I looked through (The Wisdom of Your Face? I forget the exact title.)was a better source, because it's based on an ancient practice used for insight, not trying to comfort or "fix" anyone. I think that book would say you have a "metal" shaped face, which means you like a certain solid structure to the way your life is and don't like people or loud noises or bright light interrupting you while you're trying to do something. That actually sounds pretty much like what anyone would want! (Except for maybe during doing the dishes or cleaning - I can't do it without the stereo blasting!)
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