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Sep. 18th, 2009

Well, as it goes, I'm going to be seeing a therapist again. Started yesterday, but I'm not happy to. Same old song and dance, just starting it over again with a new partner. She thinks I probably should have been in continual counseling since I was 10, and I'm sure she's probably right. Just... makes me sad I suppose.

Today I went to the Puyallup fair with my mom, Bo and Brianna. I took Brianna around and mom took Bo. Didn't go on many rides. Uh, maybe 5 or 6. Mostly I stood outside holding brianna's bag that my mom got for her, and watched Brianna go on them. My back was killing me by the time we left. I had gotten a bag too. Didn't know it until I got to james house where I played with it a little, but it's actually a computer bag, and that makes me happy. It's really nice dark brown leather (almost black), other than the zipper which feels kinda crappy, and I've never had an actual computer bag before, so it's smile-worthy I suppose. :) I also happened to see a booth that was selling doggie bandannas for 3 dollars, but it was as we were leaving and I didn't have the money to get one any longer. Spent most of my money on getting Brianna food and stuff.

That reminds me...

Due to the fair today I barely ate. Should probably do something about that... and then go to bed.