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Sep. 4th, 2009

Well, I'm back. Sort of. I've actually been back since Sunday night, but since Elizabeth was also here with her dog Izzy it has forced me to spend 90% of my time down at James' (which is fine I suppose), and when not there I've been trying to keep her off Leon and vice-versa, or babysitting her. Izzy is 9 months old, has the highest bark I have ever heard, has alligator jaws, is currently in heat, and is a real bitch. Every time she has had toys and any other dogs have come near her, she's flipped out and gone for the throat until they back off. And while this works for most dogs, it doesn't work with Leon. He can be just as anally aggressive as any other dog out there, plus he has his food aggression problems and since he's the alpha-male, he won't back down. If left unchecked it can cause what would probably turn into some pretty ugly fights. So instead of putting that much more stress on them, and everyone else, I've been going down to James' with Leon. It's been nice spending so much time with them.

Now I'm home for the weekend. It's finally raining, which is nice. Everyone is out camping and I'm here taking care of Todd, Cryshade and Leon. "I Know What You Did" is on TCM, so I'm watching that. Homicidal is on next, don't know if I'll be too tired to watch it. Making bread too so that I can make french toast, or a french toast casserole in the morning. I'm not sure which I'd rather do. Doesn't really matter I suppose, just need to figure out foods to eat while they're out. They didn't leave much here. :\ Then I suppose it will be back to James' for a few more days until Liz is gone. I feel bad for imposing on them so much. With James I know it doesn't matter, as well it shouldn't if I have lived with him and am going to further in the future, but his dad... I don't want to live with his dad, or make his dad feel like I am. Though James has said that having me around forces his dad to be nice since I'm a guest, so I guess that would make things a little better for him.

I'm a little worried about the river flooding over the winter. While it won't affect me outright, it will probably still affect the people I know. James, his dad, Layton, and his new roomie Kitty. They really need to fix that dam, and I don't know why they couldn't have started doing SOMETHING while it's been summer and bone dry. Nothing ever makes sense.

Utah and Wyoming were boring. Didn't do much other than throw everything completely out of whack sleepwise. I wasn't too fond of being around Aunt Pat. She was way too touchy. And where we were in Wyoming wasn't so bad except that it was around 9000 feet, and I'm used to sea level so there's a little haha, and I was unexpectedly thrown into an area of no reception. For a completely stupid reason too because we were right next to a tower. Apparently AT&T got whiney and complained that Verizon had a monopoly, so they petitioned the gov'ment, and forced them to give up some of their towers. And that happened to be one of them. So all but two people were out of service and very frustrated. I think it was a bitch move on AT&T to do that. Verizon put up the money and effort into getting the tower up there so I don't feel that they had any room to bitch about it. And I would have felt the same way if someone else had put it up. Anyway it just made things a little difficult, being thrown into that with no notice.

And really, I think that's it. Home now, and tired. Catchup in the morning.


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(Deleted comment)
Sep. 7th, 2009 09:30 am (UTC)
Well there is nothing like a vacation to remind how much I miss home when I'm gone. :) But yes, I think I did need to get away for a little while. I'm happy to be back though.

And as for the flooding, I hope nothing happens too. James really doesn't need to deal with that. Layton either. But if the rain today is any indication of how it's going to be... Well, it won't be good.
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