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Questioning everything

I'm going through a gigantic transition period in my life right now. It feels like I've hit a wall and now I'm tired of sitting next to it waiting for it to come down, so I either need to take it down myself or find a way around it. I'd like to take it down myself, but that is a rather difficult task when you don't have the tools and can't afford them. So instead I'm stuck listening to everyone talk about how they brought down their walls, mhmm-ing and getting frustrated at my own. Because these particular tools can't be easily shared between people. No tools really can be.

Odd sort of analogy probably. Anyway, so I'm transitioning from one person to the next and only the gods know where this will take me.

My biggest question right now is, and this has actually something that has always bothered me, but who created the creator? Just where did everything come from? You have the big bang, right? But what created the stuff that came before that? And before that? And that line of questioning can go on forever. If there was a designer, or creator, how was it created? Everything has to come from somewhere. I cannot believe that something "just was." And I suppose that is where my wall has me stopped. The wall being mortality and infinity. It's too much for any one single person to comprehend. The standard brain can only process so much information at any given time.

I don't know...

But I got my hair cut yesterday. ^_^ It's nice right now the way it was done. I just hope it stays nice. I'd like to get a straightening iron, but just having something to keep the fuzz down would be nice. Later that night I went down to layton's because both him and james wanted me to. It was nice to be able to spend the night with james again. Always enjoy that. I had to go out his window though when I got up because I didn't want to get up before his dad. I was too tired and it was too nice and warm where I was. And that wasn't so bad, but now his screen won't fit back in the window right.