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Well, it's cooled off some. A lot actually. And it's supposed to cool of more, so that's nice. I've had my hair up in pigtails for two days now since that seems to be the most effective way of keeping it off the back of my neck. Probably looks odd since it's only something you see small kids with, but I don't much care. It's extremely effective. I've also been thinking that I should probably get my hair cut a little before I go on vacation again. Got time to think about it, and I wouldn't want much off, just enough to make it even on the bottom. I'm also thinking I'm actually going to try and grow the color back out so more frequent cuttings, which translates into more than once a year, would be beneficial in this area. I suppose we'll see how long into october this will last since that's around my dye time, and that's about when I start getting obsessive about having solid hair colors.

James came up to cook steaks for my mom yesterday since melissa and mike came over to eat. It ended up being a really good thing for me because it meant he was here when I got home from the doctor and I was able to disseminate all my upset into him. I played in the sprinkler a little, as well as I can for not knowing how to play and having an odd fear of water on my face, and he picked me up and carried me in and sprayed me a few times. Made me scream, makes me smile. He tried to get leon to play with him too, but leon hates water about as much as I do and wouldn't. That's just leon. In someways it makes me glad, because I'll never have to deal with him jumping into the middle of disgusting dirty ponds, but in other ways it makes me a little sad because I'll never get to play with him in pools or whatever else.

Anyway, it made me feel a lot better to have him there, even with as unbearably hot as it was, to talk to and goof off around.

I think I'm about to the point where I'm done playing lego batman. It's up over 95% done with all the storyline finished, so I'd like to put it down and go back to playing pokemon. Also watched the first 3 episodes of Kemonozume online. Then I had to stop and go look and see if I could find it to buy. But alas, it was all for naught. *eyeroll* No us release, and the only copies I could find were over 300 dollars. Sorry, but I really can't justify the cost. I'm really loving it though. It's done by the same studio who did cat soup, so the art style is very unconventional and different, very impressionistic, but it's still incredibly appealing and works well with it.

Now if I could just buy it on dvd...