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My week in review. Sort of.

Choker, to be sold (hopefully) Bracelet Tea bag

Last saturday, the 18th, I got stung by a bee. Completely ruined my weekend. My mom had just gotten a ab circle pro so I used it to take my anger out on myself. Figured it would be a little better than that other thing I do. And for the next two days my butt and legs were super sore. Add that to the swollen foot and... Fantastic. *eyeroll* :) Spent most of my week off my feet anyway though thanks to the sting so I really didn't notice it as much as I probably would have. This also made it so I can't walk leon and that has made both of us unhappy over the course of this week. He's only gotten one walk this week, on thursday around the school once, when I thought my swelling was almost gone. And then friday, it was right back up and fully poofy again. Kinda pissed me off because I was planning to go out again and the consulting nurse kinda got pissy at my mom when she called and explained what was going on. Told her that we should have come in sooner. I said screw that and said it hadn't been exactly one week and I could live one more night. Couldn't walk well, but I could live. I was not letting it ruin another weekend. :| So we took leon up to reber ranch, james went with and todd didn't since he's had a cough, to the dog gathering, uh, thingie. Limped my way though it, went down to layton's to hang out for the night and then it was off to the doctor in the morning. He seemed a little taken aback when he saw how swollen it was and when I told him how long it had been. He was also very loud and it made me nervous. I wish I was able to have leon with me there, would have made me feel a little better about the entire thing. Anyway, he prescribed me prednisone and it's taken 24 hours, but the swelling has finally gone down for the most part and I can bend my toes again. I've really missed being able to do that.

During the week I've also been making some stuff involving lots of bells. I like bells and am sticking them on half of everything. I made a choker, bracelet, anklet, added a chain to a button turned pendant (not shown) and made a tea bag cozy. This is really hard for me to do, because I don't feel I have a creative bone in my body due to a paranoia that every idea I think up has already been done, and that if I try to make anything for profit (and even when not) it either won't sell because everyone will think it's stupid, too expensive, simple, it will have something in it that will cause an allergic reaction or someone will see it and accuse me of copying or stealing their idea. And for an example, I saw some tiny bottles at joannes when I was there on saturday, before the bee sting, and I thought how cute they would be if they had little fairy's in them and I had to get them so I could make some. From zelda. Wasn't planning to sell any, just make them for myself. Fast forward to today and I was looking around on etsy and saw this.


Boy do I feel stupid. So now I'm discouraged and don't want to do it anymore. But I have to do at least one out of the two because I told james I would after showing him them. :\ I have issues. So I just wish I could disassociate myself from the entire process.

Today it has been super duper hot. I'm not going to make leon sleep in his crate until it cools off again. And my mom dumped in my lap before she went to bed that I have to go to see the doctor and dentist tomorrow. And I have to do it early. Way to made me cry, and then scream when she tried to confront me about it. Force me to do everything I hate all in one day, without my 'comfort doggie' and not let me get any sleep. She knows I have problems and this is what is going to happen when she does this to me. Now I just feel like I'm going to vomit, will probably have to take a melatonin or two to try and sleep and am trying to disassociate and make myself as cold as possible.

5 bucks says it backfires.