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There is something about today
Today is not turning out to be such a fantastic day. Things have been going funny, for lack of a better word, all day. It's making me very restless. Fantastically hot out, though I can't complain since I will be baking when we go to utah in august. Ha, I will get some use out of my hand-fan that my parents bought for me yet. Anyway, it started off with my glasses getting horribly bent, like someone sat on them or something. Neither my mom nor I am sure what happened. Then it progressed into hearing So we had to go out to get them fixed. After we did that we went up to the dog park. On the way my mom stopped by some cherry stand where a mexican guy was selling nice cherries. The kind that we should get on our trees but don't. *grumble* I made a little joke about supporting illegal immigrants. Don't need to go into that though. They're good cherries, and if he's illegal, I don't care. It's too hot for me to care. And he probably has to have some sort of a license to have a street stall. And I'm probably wrong. My brain is just frying stupid today. Ahem... I have to look this up later.

SO, after all that we went to the dog park, and leon and I saw our first cardi! I squeed and leon couldn't have cared less. It wasn't in the park where he could be off leash, so to him it was whatever and a bad place for an introduction. And something I've realized about leon. He is perfectly fine and amiable towards other dogs until todd takes an interest and starts jumping on their backs, then leon will flip the fuck out and not let them get anywhere near him or where he is for the rest of our time around that particular dog. It made me feel bad because there was this really sweet and obviously submissive pit bull that came in a little after us and, while they were all fine, dandy and getting along until todd jumped on his back. Then leon threw all shit out the window and went all vicious and stay-the-fuck-away on him. I've come to the conclusion that it is because of the way my mom and I have to act and struggle with todd to keep him off other dogs. At one point we had to actually physically get in and pry todd off because he stopped listening to the 'off' or 'down' command. I felt so bad for the other dog and his owner. :\

Now we're home and I was going to brush leon out, give him a bath and then his flea meds, but he just seems so tired and content to lay on his back with his legs up in the air that I just can't bring myself to do that to him. He hates being bathed like nothing else.

There is another thing that is getting to me, it's about my dad and maybe all men I know, but that can be left for a different post later.

On the way home from the dog park I saw a poster for a lost cat. No big deal right? Yeah, no big deal. Not until I looked down to the foot of the stop sign it was stapled to.
At the foot of the sign there was a dead cat that looked JUST like simon. It startled me and I made an outburst which startled my mom who was driving. She thought there was something wrong. It made me think. A lot. And I feel so bad for that poor kitty, and I hate it's owners for not keeping a better watch. But I also will feel bad for them if they ever see what happened. And in saying that, I assume they care.


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Jul. 18th, 2009 01:26 am (UTC)
It's just a different day. A below average, and sort of expected I suppose, since yesterday was above average. Thanks though. :)
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