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Shit yes.

Leaves' Eyes 'My Destiny' was leaked earlier today. I am in a state of pure euphoric bliss right now. I love Liv Kristine's voice, she has quickly become my favorite singer, and Leaves' Eyes is slowly becoming my favorite group. But I can't quite seem to let myself go that far, bandwise. I kinda feel bad about it because of how much I adore Johnny Hollow too. It's a completely different type of love... but... eh. I don't know. >_< She did Scarborough Fair though and it's... you know. :)

Towards the end of August I am going to be going back to Utah, and over to Montana, for a family reunion. I'll probably come back with a horrible tan. Ew. Asked james if he wanted to go, but he's opting to stay here and babysit leon which is fine by me, because he hates to travel. I can't say as I blame him much. It's a terrible thing to do, and my grandparents are the ones who do the driving. It's typically a non-stop trip, and instead of being in a van like we used to (and which was 10 times more comfortable) we're all going to be crammed into their truck. But it has a functioning ac unit so I guess that's an ok trade-off. I'll just miss the room. And leon. And james. And have to hope that my kitty doesn't die without me here. :/ He's getting so old and last time we got back he had a slice in his ear. Since then he's aquired another. Much smaller, but still. It's from the jones' adopted cat. A little white terror. And I can tell you exactly how that cat will end up. It will be just like all their others, hit by a damn car because the little idiot can't keep out of the road. You wouldn't think it would be so hard with how far away their house is from it. Actually, it's kinda funny to me. Our kitty has managed to survive well into his old age and stays far away from the road, while their cats always go wandering and at some point or another get pancaked. I figure it's because ours has always been allowed to be an indoor cat, and theirs have always been confined completely to the outdoors. Something about my crazy aunt being allergic. She never has been good for pets. Dogs, cats or anything else. Too much responsibility for her. And she's nuts. She is terrified of todd, and I think he knows it. Ha.


All my pets have ever been is nothing short of amazing. ALL OF THEM.

There is something epically wrong with this keyboard at the living room computer. The keys are stiff and it's making my wrists hurt typing so much. Ow. I have to stop.