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Ok, so this is so juvenile for me to be getting amusement out of, but I have 6.66 gb free on my zune. I lol'd. :)

Tomorrow I'm going with james and layton to Viking Days up in seattle. Possibly with matt b and c too. Not entirely sure about them though. I'll talk to layton in the morning and see what he says. And if he fails to know, then I'll have to call matt b.

I think tonight james is up in seattle with some of his friends seeing "Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy" being preformed by the Seattle Symphony orchestra with Nobuo Uematsu. I'm really glad he was given the opportunity to go. It's a chance for him to see a good concert and hang out with some good people that he doesn't often see outside of when he goes up to gamestop. It's one of those once in a lifetime events that if you pass up, you're nuts, so I'm thrilled that he didn't pass.

My mom gave me a pair of nice stereo headphones that used to be my dads, for his ipod. She said he doesn't want them anymore because his ipod battery life just isn't holding up anymore. Now I just have to find a cord so I can see if they will work with my zune. If not, I'm sure I can sell them for some nice monies.