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It's too damn hot, 80 today, 90 tomorrow. And there's too little rain. I don't understand how people can be in denial over climate change still. Fucking retards with your goldfish memory. We are at a 10th of our fucking normal rainfall! But we're supposed to get a little rain on monday and tuesday. I'm looking forward to it. I've put my sunscreen on, but I can't find my floppy hat. I realized tuesday that it was missing and haven't been very happy about it.

I've been out picking cherries today. They're currently in season and we don't really get too many, so I've been trying to get as much as I can before the birds do. So far I think I've been able to get around 8 cups. Pretty nice. Leon has been out with me. I have had a cable attached to his collar but not tied to anything, and he's been good about listening to me, coming back when called, sticking around and staying within sight. It's nice to be able to have him out with me and not feel like I have to tie him down or hang on to a leash. I think it makes him happier too, to have that freedom to run and play.

Earlier today layton came over and brought me Lego Batman for the DS. I've been enjoying it a lot. It's very different from the 360 version, almost a completely different game, but that's to be expected since it had to be stuffed into a teeny cartrage. I'm still very happy to finally have it.

Ugh, and I'm too hot to keep doing this. The keyboard is starting to burn my hands.