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I'm so worried that this won't work right

Well, I'm finally getting to try and recover my hard drive that died back in january. Thanks goes all to fly_among_stars. The computer in my parents front room has 500 gigs of space on it, which I found out when I decided I wanted to try and put the software for my zune on it. Got tired of going to layton's to use and update it. Anyway, so I checked all that out, downloaded the stuff, picked up the hd which was at layton's and am now trying so hard to recover it. It's hard because I've had so many things get in my way. Computer programs that my mom had on it, the fact that I wasn't admin on the computer... stupid little things. And this keyboard is stiff and annoying as shit to type with. I keep mis-pressing keys, and whenever I want to hit backspace I'm either hitting enter or have to reach up and stab the damn thing with my entire hand. Rawr. I just want my pictures back. D': Any music, videos or other files would just be an added bonus. And matt offered to let me borrow (have?) his 500 gig drive when I told him what was going on. It makes me a little apprehensive to accept things like that from people because I don't know what I'm taking away from them for it to happen. Under most cases, if he offers to buy stuff, I'll politely decline. Eventually I plan to give it back, assuming he'll accept it back, after I'm able to get a tb.

I'm not too terribly fond of this computer and don't plan on using it much except for my zune. After all the recovery is done anyway. This whole recovery and backup online is going to take for-fucking-evar though and I am not looking forward to what comes next. *sigh*

Got some 69 eyes 'paris kills' yesterday. I really love his voice. It makes me pink with happy. Like that makes any sense, mirite? :)