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Down for the rest of the day.

Well, I would like to think that I have accomplished something today. After freezing my computer, I finished watching Ghost Hunt on hulu. It was subbed, but once I got into it, I really didn't notice that much. Except for when I would get distracted by something and have to rewind. And that didn't happen often. It's a pretty good show and despite my deterrence towards watching things online or on computers, I got really into it. :)

After that I went out to the goodwill with leon, they don't care about dogs which makes it a little easier on my part. I was able to find another pair of capri's which are of a length that I love, but have a couple of what look like red possibly bleach stains on the knees, and a shirt with a frilly sort of collar to go with one of my skirts that I never wear much anymore. I also found a new monkey for leon to play with and replace the old one that he demolished. He carried it around the store for the most part, whenever I had it he would try to take it back. I'm sure some people were probably horrified by the sight. I'm not sure what it is about dogs that is so offensive to most people's sensibilities. I've had positive experiences when taking him into some places, and I've had negative. Anyway, I found some stuff, and when I came home I got up the guts to take a box and just start throwing most of my baggy shirts and pants into. Kept telling myself that they are winter clothes and tried not to think about it very much beyond that. It was very hard to do, but I did it, and I have a little pride in myself for it. ^_^ I still have to go through more, and I'm going to expand it to coats and some shoes too, but for now it works and my room feels a little bit cleaner. Now I'm going to try and keep tabs on what I wear and how often. Either so I can get rid of it, or wear it more.

And once again, my sister is fantastic and can do everything while I... just shouldn't go there.