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So today's writers block question seems to have brought out of the woodwork a lot of the most brilliant people who seem to be under the misconstrued belief that Atheism and Agnosticism are religions.

Like seriously? Are you all just that stupid?! *face-palm* The only people who call atheism a religion, besides morons, are religious and feel that atheism is a threat. My theory on why they do this is because if it's a religion then you can "convert" out of it over to *insert-religion-here* and be "saved." Which in turn makes it less of a threat to your organized whatever.

My head still hurts this morning. I love how it completely wipes out my appetite. /sarcasm It makes me kinda angry too. My mom said she would make me an eye appointment and maybe they could tell me why. When I responded with "I just got my eyes checked," and told her that I just want it flat out fixed, she told me that maybe the optometrist "wasn't that great." It's frustrating to me. God dammit, it fucking hurts! Like someone is poking me in the eyes.

My mood is a bit better this morning though. I think the crying helped. Don't quote me on that though because it could have been fixing the zipper on james' pants that could have done it too. :) I just know I feel a little better, more like myself, and it's nice.