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Matt, who is supposed to be getting out later this year, is now being forced to go to iraq in august for a year. I jokingly refer to matt as james' boyfriend, because he has the hots for james. He's fucking upset, and I'm looking for ways to try and get him out. I'm not sure if the don't ask don't tell could be used and lizzie said there may be a mix up. She's supposed to be getting out in october from the air force, and is using her unused leave time to get out a little bit quicker. I don't know all the details of what or why, but I plan on getting more from him later and going to talk to my brother mike. He would know a lot more about this sort of stuff. And in the meantime I'll see what he wants to do before he ships out, assuming it can't be stopped.

Anyway, when matt texted me telling me that I thought it was only for a couple months, like when he went down to california. Then he said it was for 12 months and I went into shock. It does explain why he happily dented his trunk with the sword last night though. Ehm, or not happily. I thought he was a little off when we saw him, but I figured it was because he was, as he had put it, "shroomin" and I was drunk, so I just brushed it off as being just me. And now I know it's not and I feel terrible.

I just don't know what to do or say in regards to it. Other than face-palm. The military really likes to fuck people over and around.

So weary this strait-jacket dreamer
So resigned to continue to suffer
But you've learnt that as you grow weaker
There's less hurt because there's much less to hurt