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One week back from georgia and god am I happy. I think I sort of cheated and marked off alabama on my list as well because we went into it a couple times, drove around and ate. And I got a few boxes of candy ciagarettes there. A box for layton, a box for james, and I had to leave my box with my grandparents to bring home. Oh, and I got an 'I love lucy' night shirt. That was pretty nice. And that was the extent of it.

Georgia though, it was so retarded. I was trying to explain to a sales lady, in a store my mom was getting night wear at, where washington STATE was and she kept thinking it was washington DC. DC is not a state. Eventually I blurted out, "It's over by california" since it's on that coast and I think is the most easily recogniseable state over here, and she said "Oh, have you guys ever seen Gene Simmons? My husband LOVES Gene Simmons." She also made comments about how I wore the same type of clothes like her 15 year old son, who is apparently in a band, and kept pointing out awful shirts that she thought I would like, based on "my son would love this, I'll bet you would too." I just had to smile and nod. It was so incredibly painful, I wanted to cry.

Most of the trip was spent in my grandparents truck. In a giant panic attack because everyone kept yelling back and forth and grandpa kept getting us lost. I just wanted to spend a little time in the damn cabin or being able to go for a walk around the campground to take pictures... but no. I didn't get more than 10 minutes before someone was yelling about how "we're leaving." I had to spend the entire fucking trip listening to crap and trying not to scream.

Oh, and sonic's food isn't that great.

But my brother bought me a controller for my computer.

And his graduation from basic was boring as shit. We had to stand because they did it in a tiny ass gym. Stuffed like a sardine in a can, social anxiety went into overdrive. I started yelling at my mom at one point.

And I think I'm done. I'm so fucking happy to be home. It's nice here. I can pick and choose who I want to see and when I want to be out to see them. Plus there's james. And leon too.


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May. 31st, 2009 12:40 am (UTC)
Family trips can end up being pretty annoying as you get older. My family takes a yearly vacation to Maine, but my sister stopped going with us a few years ago. Last year, my dad was planning to wake up early to bring me to a trail so I could hike, which caused my mom to throw a tantrum because she wanted my dad to be able to sleep. So I then said that I'd be willing to get a later start, which then caused my DAD to throw a tantrum - at me, rather than at my mom. End result: Both parents united and throwing tantrums in my direction *rolls eyes*. Doesn't look like we'll be going this year, but I'm looking forward to going by myself next year.

Did you finish Gurren Lagann yet?
Jun. 3rd, 2009 07:11 am (UTC)
Lol. Adults, the biggest children.

No, I haven't been able to finish gurren lagann yet. I'm only able to go as fast as Sci Fi lets me, and so far they have forced two delays, which means I have four weeks to go instead of two.

And it's driving me nuts.
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