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This is why I should go through and post pictures as soon as I take and look at them. When I first see them after they've been taken I'll go, "oh yeah, that's great!" or, "no, that one can be passed over" quickly and with no real problems. But after the first couple times of looking at them I'll begin to think that they all suck and can't pick out a select few for display. *sigh* Whatever.

So instead you get this.

All 95 pictures.

I've decided that I kinda like fiona apple. She has a nice jazzy way with her music. I likes me the old kind of jazz. 1930's type stuff. I've also had my hair up in pigtails (why are they called that?) for the past 3 days. It's weird for me because every time I look at myself in the mirror I think, 'how childish' and want to take them out. It's comfortable and I can sleep with them in though, so I've just ended up avoiding looking at myself in the mirror. James said they were cute, but layton started pulling on them. So all in all, I'm rather torn as to if I ever want to do it up like that again. Not to mention my hair naturally parts left, and hates parting in the center. It makes the left side of my head with a bigger lump and more poof than the right. :\ So torn.