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Oh how seriously angry am I. I thought I had uploaded the pictures james took at sakura con to my livejournal scrapbook. Apparently not. I was going to post them tonight since livejournals scrapbook seems to be having issues uploading pictures from leon's park visit today, but only 3 pictures got uploaded out of the I don't know how many, around 10 I think. So apparently this is an ongoing problem. 10 freaking pictures is not that many! Goddamnit. *shakes fist* A serious overhaul needs to be done of that stupid scrabook system, and one add in needs to be a mass uploader. I don't recall them having done shit to it since it was first introduced. It's not working on layton's computer, my computer or my parents main computer in the front room. It took me 3 fucking hours just to get the 14 I have in there up from the park!

Ugh. I was at least able to get leon's pictures uploaded to mediafire, so I'll post some of those tomorrow. Right now I just want to lay down and play some pokemon. I'll also probably open a request to livejournal about it.