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I can stand up and walk around again without feeling sick or being in massive brain-exploding pain. Oh, and I can eat again! Some days I've sat down at the table and just eaten like food is going out of style. :) And I suppose the slowest part is just building my weight back up to an acceptable level. Right now I'm bouncing between 108 and 110. Still cramping though. Bleeding too. I know that will take time to go away as my body adjusts to all the changes. Hope the boobs don't disappear too quickly. I've been liking them. It's nice and makes me feel a little more like a girl than the 'it' I normally think am.

I was able to get leon his bath today. Finally. Turns out the sink on the porch is the perfect size. He looks and smells sooo much better now. Like a corgi should. He got brushed a little after the bath too. Not too much though since his fur was still wet and I didn't want to make him uncomfortable. Still got a fair amount of fur off him though.

The snow over the past couple days has been kinda funny. It's too warm for it to last, but it's just cold enough that it blizzards and won't stop. Ha. It's pretty in the morning though. That's nice. And I get a smile out of watching it try so hard. If it was the middle of winter, instead of coming on spring... well, it would be deep. Again.


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Mar. 11th, 2009 05:57 am (UTC)
I'll try
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