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I don't like central park media. Don't think a lot of people do, care for them I mean, which might be sad since they have a few titles that are so great. Things like Kakurenbo, Now and Then Here and There, and Grave of the Fireflies (no idea how they got that one). But then you also see so many more things like Time Bokan, The Humanoid, My My Mai, and Arcade Gamer Fubuki... and well, it's just painful. It's painful to think that there are probably a few good titles in there that have been completely overshadowed. And it also gets one to wonder, how in the hell did they manage to survive as long as they did?

Another thing I don't like about them is the anime that they usually picked up, the art style isn't one that I'm into. But that's a completely different issue that I can overlook if the story is worth getting into.

I decided earlier today that I was going to try and take that painful plunge into CPM's releases and see if I could find anything more that would be worth trying to get ahold of. It's very messy, the site didn't want to load half the time. I think that The World of Narue looked promising though, and I'm thinking, if I can, I'll probably download it first just to make sure it's not something that I would regret.

You know, I suppose one good thing about them is that no matter what the title, it's almost guaranteed that you can find the movies for under 10, possibly even 5, and all the series' for under 25 without much effort.