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I'm so glad everything is over with.

Better day than most. My back hella hurts though. Got all my stuff done yesterday, with james tagging along. He's such a doll for everything he's done for me. Anyway, I left the house a little after 11:30, didn't end up being able to catch the bus until almost 12:30, stupid thing was fucking late, we got up to seattle and broadway at 2:20ish, and made it to the appointment with maybe 5 minutes to spare. Then we didn't actually get out of the clinic until after 5:30 and we didn't get back to kent until 8. So it ended up being a really good thing that I was able to get leon a babysitter. It was lame because I wasn't able to get food beforehand like I had hoped. Stupid public transit. I'm glad I planned to leave hella early. Can't believe that it took two freaking hours. The appointment, once I was got in and on the table went very quickly. Was NOTHING like my first time. The first time was terrible. This time, well, it was actually pleasant. You could probably call it awesome. James didn't even realize when it was happening. The only machine in the room was the ultrasound one. Freaking sweet. And the doctor and nurse were also really nice and kinda funny. Oh, and now I have an iud too. The doctor almost forgot. It was kinda funny. :) Been in minimal pain since it's been done, just a little cramping here and there. I have to take two pills a day, and no inserting of anything in the vaginal area for one week. No sex. Plech. I suppose it's all for the best. Don't need to be back there again.

After the appointment we weren't able to get a cab back, had to take the busses again, so we walked down to subway, gruv, and then into fye at the mall so james could get a couple movies. Apparently gruv has remodeled since I was in there last. Long freaking time ago. It looks nice, and their anime section is a lot bigger. Still mostly bootlegs though, which sucks. I ended up getting darkside blues. It was the only non-bootleg under 10 dollars that I had any sort of interest in. Everything else I have, or have yet to hear of. Looked for rozen maiden traumend at fye, but the only one they had was the 3rd disk. If they had the first I would have snatched that up without thinking. So I suppose it's a good thing that they didn't.

James stayed the night at an earlier request, and ended up here most of the day. It was nice having him around. Kept leon and I company. I moved a section of the sofa over so it's more like a bed. He said it was fine sleeping there. Had figured he wouldn't want to sleep in my bed, and I didn't want to have to walk up and down the stairs any more than I have to. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Plus, since my parents are gone, that means I don't have to crate leon at night. I can sleep with him again. A little bonus. So I slept with james on the couch, and leon slept on top of me. Not a bad experience, but james woke me up over the phone ringing at 9, so I figured it was a good time to get up, feed the dogs and let mom know what the phonecall was about. It was from edible arrangements over balloons, for lizzies birthday I assume. She turns 22 on the 7th. And after that was all over, I explained to james why I never answer the phone.

Leon is currently being a little wiggle-bug and is arranging the blankets on the sofa to his liking. He's so cute and sweet. I love him so much. Love james quite a bit too. He's been here for me more than I could ever ask, or could have even hoped, for. Even when I was moody and hormonal, which I tried to suppress most of the time, he was still patient with me. I don't know what I would do without him and his support. Me and my crazy. *sigh* He's too good.