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Can flies go insane?

I don't know if they can or not but it seems to me that they might be able to. I caught 4 yesterday but one got away. The biggest one is being very angry right now at the fact that she can't get out of her bottle. I wonder how long the sobe remnants will last them. 2 of the 3 I caught were having sex when I got them. I stuck a piece of cheese and a grape in there with them too. Every so often I'll unscrew the lid and let some new air in. They really like the sobe but then it's pretty much just sugar water so that shouldn't really be too shocking. I asked mom to not let them go because I caught them for layton and she told me to stick the bottle on the floor under something so that people can't see them. I don't know what layton is gonna want to do with em but I'm gonna see if I can perhaps catch more. They irritate me so and we have so many. If the fat one were to die in the night (or one of the teeny ones too) and I were able to get it out unharmed I would like to try and glaze it and then make something with it. Um, not food related. There is a girl who runs a site called sunspot designs. She took the common housefly, horsefly, and yellow-jacket, and made them into earrings. Very fragile and not made for excessive use. Still cool though. I just don't think I'd make earrings out of them to wear due to my long hair. It just wouldn't be practical. I'd probably do something like a scene where a giant fly terrorizes a town of gummy bears (that I don't plan on eating). Man, I so love that sunspot designs. It's so cool! She sells finger bone jewelry too. Oh, and I'm kinda being paranoid about the stupid flies. I know they're not that smart and all but I swear they're plotting against me. They don't like that I've taken the fat leader fly so she's trying to get all her little fly minions to kill me in the night. God is she pissed. Better not let her go. Don't want to die by fly. Not yet anyway. I hope my kitty will save me if they do.


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May. 7th, 2004 01:53 am (UTC)
I love jewelry made out of bones or anything strange really. My friends and I are morbidly obsessed with road kill and I am going to bury some so I can make things with their bones. Or figure out how to get the flesh off... any suggestions?
May. 7th, 2004 02:26 pm (UTC)
Man, I wish I had the guts to do that. Tried to once too. My mum flipped when she found out about it. Started bitching about diseases and how I would probably die from touching it. Anyway, the best advice I've ever heard about getting the skin off was to "cut off all extraneous meat with a knife and then either (1) put it in a bucket of water for a month or so and when you take it out, wash any meat still clinging on OFF with a hose or (2) take it out in the woods and set it on a tarp. Fold the tarp over it, but not air tight so that bugs and flies can fill their pantries. In a few months, all you'll need to do is bleach it." They were talking about a pig's skull in that but I imagine it would work for just about anything. If you try it though you'll have to tell me how it works out. :)
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