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My wrist hurts

I wonder if I'm getting carpal tunnel... That would suck.

Something that doesn't suck? I was finally able to get down to DSHS and they were really considerate and helpful with helping me get everything squared away and all the little pieces tucked in. At first it was a little difficult, they wanted my parents to write down on a paper that they were the ones currently housing and supporting me, but when I explained the situation they went "Oh! Come with me," and took me to a back room where I could talk to their medical guidance person. I told her about how sick I've been and she was concerned. She went out of her way to make sure that james and I had all the paperwork taken care of, got me the medical coupon, helped me set up an appointment at the clinic, up in seattle on broadway, and explained that I can call a cabby sort of company to pick me up and take me home. She also told me that procedures for the IUD have changed an I am eligable for one. Yay! I'd like to get the copper one, it lasts 10 years versus the myraina, which is only 5. Could probably get that put in the same day as the appointment. So now I just need to make an appointment with the cab place tomorrow, and she explained that I should start at 9 and plan to make calls throughout the day. That's going to be my biggest fight from here on out.

God, I'm so fucking tired. When this is all done, leon and I are going on a very long walk.