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NOT SPIKE! Why?! Spike is fucking awesome. Keanu... is not. I cannot even get into how terrible he is right now beyond he absolutely cannot act.
I'm crying inside.

I have a feeling I won't like the movie no matter who takes the role though. It's already an iffy proposition since I'm so fond of the original and would expect a great deal of loyalty to its plot and characters and general style. It seems like it'd be extremely difficult to turn the series into a cohesive whole and then trim it down to feature film length without losing too much of it. This is exactly what you would expect from fox, and hollywood in general, though. A complete and utter fucking failure in anything other than the most awesome screwup you could possibly expect (in regards to remakes and what-nots). *gag*

And in other news, cowboy bebop is now no longer going to be known as cowboy bebop. Since james' dad yesterday, it is now cowboy redo. :) One of his recently hired employees was wearing a shirt and his dad somehow turned bebop into redo before asking james about it later in the day. James has taken my dvd's over there for his dad to watch, he'll probably enjoy it. And I had forgotten up until he said that he was going to take my dvd's, that he [james] himself has never actually seen more than a few episodes on adult swim. Kept telling myself that I was going to sit him down and make him watch it, but getting james to sit down and watch anything with me is almost as hard as trying to push a boulder uphill.