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/Kinda rambly

When all is said and done, I don't celebrate christmas. Or giftmas as I have come to call it. It just doesn't jive with me, all the preassure and unneccisary formalities. It's like easter, anniverseries and birthdays. You shouldn't be required to buy or do things for people on one day ever year. That's what turns everything into a commercialized mess and you end up becoming so incredibly paranoid and stressed.

Is this gift good enough? Is it something they want or need? What if they're only saying nice things to be polite? Did I spend enough money? What if they already have it?

So I just don't do it unless it's not going to take time out of my day or make me nuts, and I will give it to you the day I get it, no waiting for that 'one special day.' And I've been asking people for years not to do it in return. Of course there are those people who will insist on doing it anyway. Like parents. My parents never end up getting us much since they can't afford to, but it's still enough to stress my mom out. This year her stress comes from the fact that my sister had to stay back in wisconson, or wherever the fuck, so she has no idea how she's going to get her gifts to her and she won't stop feeling bad since they were unable to ship them sooner. It's stupid.

As it is, I was only able to get things for my roommates this year, james got his desk, layton got snakes on a plane, leon got a bed, and the only person who hasn't gotten me anything is james. But only because he can't get out. ^_^ Layton got me Theresia for the ds, a game that I have been wanting very bad since it came out and I'm really surprised that gamestop had it; my parents got me a blanket (everyone gets a blanket every year) which is made to wrap around you (pretty neat akshually), some clementines, books-stuffs, and other food-stuffs; and james' dad insisted on giving me slippers. I tried to say no, but he kept going and I didn't want to be rude, so I gave up pretty quickly. Leon got some chewies from my dad and mom wants to take me out later to get him a new harness. I really won't say no to that, because 1, it's for leon, and 2, he really needs it. She gave me todd's harness yesterday to sort of borrow in the meantime. It barely fits. The only way he stays in it correctly is if a leash is attached holding it up. Otherwise it ends up with him stepping through the bottom bar and with them at his sides. Kinda funny, makes me think of him as being a horse. You could attach a little carrage to his back and let him pull the fey around. :)