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Ohhh, christ...


So much god damn snow and we're only going to get more... it's pretty and nice to have around, but not too great to go hiking in 3 days in a row. First night it was to walk to and from top foods because I needed to get gravy for the roast. I got a pocket-full of gatorade for that one. That pissed me off pretty bad. Leon enjoyed it though, it was funny. He had walked all the way down there, and halfway back (we got a ride from some mexican guy when we stopped at the bus stop) and STILL had tons of energy when we got home.

Yesterday we walked up to my moms so I could do some shopping and spend the night. Got james' dad a pair of gloves and the original Planet of the Apes. Picked up james' wireless thing for his computer and a keyboard, which I couldn't bring back with me. :( And I got myself The Rocky Horror Picture Show. :) Have always wanted it, and it was cheap so I asked james and he said it was ok. I was so sore after trudging through all that mess.

Today we did a little more shopping on the way home. I left my laptop and james' keyboard at my mom's so it would be a little less I would have to struggle with. And boy did I struggle. Picked up a few more things, got james' left4dead pc game, a few stuffed things, and a couple foods and some candy canes. He seems to be happy with the stuff. It was kinda a struggle getting it all home with leon though, but some girl was nice and gave me her bus pass while she was walking by so I didn't have to split between my pockets and holding leon.

Now I'm home again and I don't think I'll be able to make it back up to my parents for giftmas. I don't really care since I don't celebrate it, but I think they'll probably be disappointed, I just hope they understand.

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