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A probably not so quicky

James is trying to get halloween night off. So far it's not looking too terribly good. I'd really love it if he could, but wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't. I'm making my insides squishy in hopes, and trying not to get my hopes up. - I'm really loving the Midnight Syndicate that I have. Spooky. See, told you I was going to get back. :) I am slowly rewinding. - Have been staying up later and later, not going to bed at two like I know I should be. :x It feels kinda bad, but I don't know how to stop. Just sorta get into things, forget what time it is, and before I know it (like right now) it's almost 4 in the morning. - Leon got to go out to a doggie park of sorts yesterday up at reber ranch. I was really apprehensive, leon hasn't had the happiest of records with other dogs, but it ended up going really well. Except for the part involving melissa kidnapping my mom, leaving me with two dogs and two girls for over an hour, all because she wanted to get cats and needed a king county resident to go with. I was not happy about that. My arm hurts now from all the pulling todd was doing around the feed store when the girls got bored. James called in the middle of the end and leon decided to throw a fit right at that very moment because he was so very unhappy being on his leash and unable to go anywhere, so I had to hang up on james, scoop up leon, call my mom to find out how much longer she would be gone for, drag todd around the store to find katie and may; all so that we could go back outside to the dog area where I would stop feeling like I was juggling bowling balls and call james back. We ended up being there for two or three hours total. All because of melissa. *sigh* We got to meet another corgi at the very, very end. Second I've ever seen other than leon. It was when we were leaving though so I only talked to the owner a little and leon only got to sniff him through the fence.

I luvs my bebop doggie.

Ok, I'm tired now. Nite. I'll stick a picture in after I get up.