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I am highly disturbed...

Your result for The Fairy Tale Heroine Test...

Sleeping Beauty

Your proactiveness score is on the low side, which is not surprising for one who is constantly sleeping. When you're awake, you're probably more content to let things happen than to make things happen. And if you see that something undesirable might happen, you hope that it won't, but don't try too hard to think of a way to stop it.

You have a high Reliance on Humans score, which means that your supporters, helpers, and possibly companions are usually just regular people. You don't always have to rely on yourself, and you don't always have to rely on magical forces to help you out. You'll get rescued by a prince--no doubt about it.

Your isolation level is high--you're hardly ever around people; when you are, one of you is sleeping, or even if you have the chance to interact, you still feel lonely.

Your lot in the fairy tale world is pretty crummy, and if you're disappointed with your life now, never fear. A happy ending is in sight!

If you need a refresher, read the annotated Sleeping Beauty on the Web!

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