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Oct. 12th, 2008

James has been getting extremely depressed over his job, um, problems. Layton is completely unsympathetic and doesn't understand. Tried to get him to put himself in james' shoes, but he can't see anything beyond dollar signs and how they affect him negatively. I really don't see how his life would be ruined, but the way he makes it, the world is going to end. And then me, I have been getting depressed over the fact that I can't seem to help or make things easier. So with as many times as he's told me not to, I asked my mom to help me get a job today. I want to be able to make up for what would be lost if he were to quit his now-job and get a new one. It would more than likely be a minimum wage one and james can't afford 1000 dollars a month living here if I don't. Layton absolutely refuses to even consider the idea, it was mine not james', of moving into a regular two bedroom place even though the rent would be sightly cheaper. James would get a bigger room too if we did that, I know he'd like that.

Saturday I didn't get to go get the halloween stuff like I had wanted. Everything flipped the fuck out and got really depressing really quickly after james woke up. The minute he walked in layton's room I knew it wasn't going to work. I blame myself. Don't think I'll be able to celebrate halloween anymore. Layton makes it difficult and James' job gives us no time.

Anyway, until things get worked out I may end up missing.

In better news, james decided that the cure sounds good. He'd apparently never heard them before today when I was listening to them. So that's nice. My mom also got leon a sweater. It's kinda christmasy, but just in the fact that it's red and green, and she said that was the least christmasy one that they had. It was very nice of her and I made him wear it while we were out walking and a little after we got back to her house. Um, and that's it I think.

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