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How can you not love that?

James could have gotten laid yesterday but didn't because he said he likes me too much and the idea made him feel kinda bad because I was supposed to be home later that night and he didn't know how my mood was or would be if he told me that. (I've been fairly moody the past few days.) It made me go *awww* inside. Makes me feel special. :) I've never had a boy like that before.

On the outside though I told him that he shouldn't do that because it makes me feel bad. It makes me feel like him having me around is putting a dent in his 'could be getting laid by...' He's not married to me (yet) and should have all the opportunities in the world. I don't get bitchy about that kinda thing. It would be rude and drives people away more than it keeps them around. I've just asked, if it's going to happen, please tell me first. I can't get mad if he does that. James is an odd one though. He seems to actually have standards or something. It's confusing.

This also means I still owe him one for the daryll thing. :)

James has changed a lot in the past couple months. Mostly the way he looks, but also in the way he acts and feels too. I sometimes don't recognise him and I wonder how I got so lucky.