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Writer's Block: Health Care

Is health care a right or a privilege to you?
For me it's currently a privilege, and one that I don't have. If I did, I wouldn't be stuck with this cold and cough that I've now had for a month. It's starting to hurt now, and makes me think of ray who died of congestive heart failure after getting pneumonia. Just can't find any remedies within my budget to shake it. My mom has been giving me vitamin pills though, I think my dad came up with the idea because they know I'm tired of not having the option to live healthy without struggling.

For james I suppose it would be the same, he hasn't seen a doctor since god knows when, and in turn, thinks that they're all quacks because of it. His job doesn't give him benefits (does anyone know of a casino that does?) and he only makes a few dollars over minimum wage so it's just not feasable which is stupid. He needs glasses.