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It's nice to see I've grown though. I think. Maybe not. But seeing things how they were and how they have turned to now, it feels like I have. Accidentally came across a site, , that copies journals into PDF formats so they can be printed or published. I was really happy to see that, and have it backed up to the end of 2007. It's something I've been wanting for awhile now, a way to back up everything and still keep it all intact. Entries, comments, pictures, moods. Just in case something happens to el-jay, or me. You can never be too careful. Strange to think that I've been doing this for 6 years now. I've been trying damn hard though to keep up on this, it's something I really want to do. I don't read what I've written in the past though, especially from the protected my-diary days. Those just hurt. Owch.

Tomorrow I'd like to go shopping. That would require money though. 100 dollars or something, and I'm afraid to ask james for that much even though I would give him the change back. I hate being such a burden. Want to get some food and frivolous around the house stuff, picture frames possibly with pictures in them and such (our walls are so annoyingly white), and to get my hair cut and colored if that were at all possible. Have to talk to layton in the morning when he gets up, if I hear him get up, and see if he would be ok with the idea. He's going out to see a car, no idea how he would pay for it if he decided he liked it. But that's not my worry until it puts us out of a house because he can't pay rent. And I know that's not going to happen... Right?

Also got a text message from gremlynna last night. She had a bad feeling in her gut that something bad was happening and was checking in to make sure everything was ok on my end. I told her everything was peachy here and that I hoped she would be able to figure out who it was and that everything would be ok, and she said that she was glad to hear it. It was nice to hear from her, in her concern for her friends safety. She told me that she thought that she had gotten it figured out, who it was and was going to talk to her tomorrow. I do hope everything ended alright.

Oh yeah, james also cut off all his hair on wednesday because layton didn't want to pick us up from southcenter. I'm still confused as to how layton didn't understand that. And I do mean all of it. O.O He now looks like this. Very scary.
(actually, I think it's alright. still think he could have gone with slightly above shoulder length, but it's his hair and he has to deal with me messing with it now.)

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Aug. 30th, 2008 10:45 am (UTC)
Well you know a lot more than I do I'm sure. With age comes wisdom. You're welcome for the site, I figured there have to be more people than just me out there who have wanted to do it too. And I'll let him know you said that. Hope you're having a good morning!
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