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Aug. 23rd, 2008

Going out wednesday was nice, and it worked out (mostly) well. Will probably end up doing it again. James didn't get his hair cut, did get pants (which I think look extremely good on him), a new wallet, his game, a movie, and a couple books. He also insisted on getting me Read or Die, the OVA, and I asked if he could get me Skinny Bitch. He did. It's a vegan agenda book, and thusly ignores the fact that soy is quite terrible for you, but I'm ignoring that and am just taking in the rest of it. It has some really good stuff done in a nice no-nonsense manner that makes me giggle. I like it when my books do that. Makes them easier to read.

Finley ended up skipping work that night, and james got to see how bad he is with his games. His complete and utter lack of control when it comes to them. Layton didn't get to play his game when he got home. Kept telling finley to get off, and he kept going "yeah, in a sec." Eventually layton went upstairs to bed, at which point finley FINALLY got off and I made him got take the dog for a walk while I talked with james and formulated a plan to get him to go home. Came up with one that had mom come down and watch 'planes, trains and automobiles' with us so she could take him home after. He's nice to have around... when he's not worn out his welcome. There is a reason I can't live with him again. I like him but he's fucking annoying.

Today... I suppose I can be pretty dense sometimes, but in my defense, I was fucking tired. Leon kept me up all night, and I've only been able to get snatches of sleep here and there. And to be fair, it was more like simon, because simon kept coming up and down the stairs and annoying leon, which caused him to stay up and run around, bark, and tear up a phonebook that I had down on th floor so he wouldn't make trouble. The floor now looks like a bomb or firecracker was stuck inside the book and went off. Paper everywhere. It kept him from making trouble in other ways though, which was my goal in the first place. So I've ended up staying up, exhausted, watching the laurel and hardy all day thing that tcm is having. I'm recording all of them, and watching them in order, as I can. Erased all the star treks that are on the DVR for james, because he's not watching them, and they can be re-recorded monday no problem.

Layton is up at his grandma's all day. Being bitchy. He asked me last night how long james and I have been going out, and I told him we're not. Nosy boy. :) Going out requires doing things. Do believe that's why it's called 'going out.' Layton really bothers me sometimes. He won't let me raise my dog, seems to think he has to do it for me. Because I'm incompitent? He's always taking away things from him that I let him have or do. Like balloons. He likes to play with balloons, kinda like a cat would, rarely pops them because he's so gentle, ignores them when they do [pop], but layton still seems to think that it's really terrible and will take away any that he sees him with. Same with paper and my flats. He just likes to carry around my flats, and put things inside them he's playing with, balls, pinecones, whatever really, but layton sees it as he's going to destroy everything. Leon isn't that bad, and if it were a problem I would put the bitter apple on it.

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Laurel and Hardy
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