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It's really too bad that, while I can understand, that voltaire's new album is being released at the end of september, instead of on halloween. If it did, I would be able to get a copy for james and give it to him for his birthday. Since it's a month late though I'll probably end up getting him something else. Thing a week 3 and 4 maybe. If I can afford it. if leon doesn't come up with any more issues. Whatever.

I've been trying really hard to get this house clean. The other day I spent most of my night cleaning the carpet. It looks a lot better now, but it needs vacuumed and stuff a little more. I'm going to try and vacuum everything at least twice a week. Hopefully that will make things look better.


I really want to be able to write. But I really can't think of much. Leon decided he wanted to nom a bone last night and ended up throwing up this morning. When I saw that I wasn't to happy and asked james that if he ever hears him doing that again, please take it away. He told me when he got up this morning, or afternoon rather, that apparently his grandpa lets his dog nom chicken bones and doesn't have an issue with it. I thought it was interesting. Umm... kwit4naow.