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Ok, so I have a funny (in some ways) story that came out of today. I was out picking blackberries, because my parents have some in their yard and they are delishus this time of year, up on a ladder earlier. Around 2ish, with a peanut butter and jam muffin. I got down off it and was moving it to another place and checking to make sure it didn't wiggle and then the muffin bowl fell on my head. It hurt. Lots. My mom happened to walk out at just that moment and was asking if leon was barking, he had gotten bored of being around me and wandered to the back to be a pest, because I fell off the ladder and if she should call an ambulance or something. It was jokingly said, of course. So I told her no and then she saw my arm, covered in dark reddish purple and wet matt in my hair. Her face got really concerned and she asked again, which was about the point when leon came running back up front to where I was, I said no againm called leon over and got him to clean up my arm. The bowl had managed to land on my head down so that the muffin landed in my hair and then bounced all over my arm. Ew. Todd helped clean up too, but he got to do it by actually eating the muffin. Needless to say, after all was said and done I had a pretty bad headache, but I suppose a slightly amusing story. And I was unable to get my hair cleaned up until about 7:45. It was a good excuse to use the shower. :) Or something like that.

James called at 3:20 and I got to talk to him for an hour. Told him that I wouldn't be home later tonight like I had thought I might be, what had happened and he went on a little thing about how the dog should have eaten my hair. It made me giggle a little and I told him I tried (because I did) but he just had no interest in it. Layton called in the middle of it and asked how mac&cheese with bacon sounded. I told him it sounded fine and then switched over to ask james if he was ok with it, and he said he was, so I told layton it was good and talked to him a little more before going back to talking with james.

I have a really crappy notion that I need to get some more love spirals downwards. Wish musicwerks hadn't been fucking shut down. Only god damn place in seattle, probably all of washington, that had any goth and industrial music. Mostly industrial, but they had enough goth and darkwave stuff to get me by. *tear* I really hate eryc for deciding that he was going to get a job at the mercury. That's what really did musicwerks in. I could never get in there because he was always off being a little bitch and shutting the store down before 7. And I am fully convinced that he is the sole reason it went down so hard.

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