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Fucking DragonFarce. I have shame. *tear*

So either DragonForce is changing... or I am. Both of these thoughts I find troubling. I hate power metal. Or hated. DragonForce used to make me gag. Used to. I'm not sure if I hate it anymore. Used to be I would put up with it because layton and james love it so much and I don't want to be a bother. IMHO, it was cheesy shit, it's very hard to get me to repeatedly listen to a album with all their songs being more than 5 minutes, and I couldn't stand the vocals, how high they are. I'm more a fan of the deep stuff in males. Now, this doesn't mean I can't or don't recognise talent, because I can and they have lots of it, I've just never found myself a fan. Anyway, last night I got a leaked copy of their new cd, Ultra Beatdown. Normally I would pass it over with an eye-roll and without a second thought or glance. But because this is their new cd and it has yet to be released, I downloaded it thinking james and layton might have the possibility of wanting it. After I got it onto my computer and unzipped I decided I was going to have a listen to it. Now I have shame. Not only did I listen and was able to keep from shutting it off after the first minute, but I found myself smiling and liking it. Oh god. *hangs head* I DIDN'T MEAN TO, BUT NOW I CAN'T STOP. Now I'm listening to it again and hoping that it will end soon so I can move on, but I'm only 5 songs in. 3 more to go. I can't stand this, I'm fucking loving it. Damn me. Damn me to hell.

Talked to layton over the phone about it, he said he would probably give a copy to chetty. He loves them too. The more the merrier.

I wonder if album leaks like this are intentionally done by the industry, or if they really are accidental...

One of our neighbors walked up to me today while I was out with leon and invited us over to a bbq on the weekend. To get to know everyone around. There is going to be food and music, and I dunno about this. :x I can say more about it later.

Picture of the day:
Dragonforce - Ultra Beatdown
by ~QUAKER132 on deviantART