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Yup. Insomnia. Great.

Leon has been home since a little after noon yesterday and is doing absolutely peachy. All sorts of bouncy and nomming on everything. You wouldn't know he had anything wrong with him unless he rolled over and showed you his tummy. That has me terrified that he's going to do something to fuck up his stitches inside him and I'm going to lose him because I won't know. Moved the cats food and water up higher so he won't get into it, put one of the tables on it's side so he won't be tempted to jump on it, and have the stairs tabled off (I have to use a table in place of a baby gate). Figure if I can get him through the weekend I'll be in the clear and won't have to worry so much. A week and we'll be completely back to the regular programming.

I'm so tired right now, have been up since 4 this morning when layton woke to go to work. I had asked him to wake me up so I could take leon out to go to the bathroom, which I didn't end up doing because I didn't want to wake him. Have spent most of my time cleaning the house. I'm about ready to take all layton's crap that isn't in his room and just dump it in the nearest dumpster. He's using the excuse of "Oh, I have no room in my room to put it!" I call bullshit because his room at his mom's is half the size of the room he has now and he had somehow managed to fit it all in there then. So why is there no space? Can't use me as an excuse. I take up minimal space in there and it's in the fucking closet. Doesn't deserve that room if he's not going to use it. *grumble* His only problem is that he downright refuses to spend any time here and any time that is spent here is in front of the tv. Whatever. I'm just sick of the crap everywhere. It gets bothersome trying to move boxes around to clean, vacuum or what-not, tripping over the shit on the stairs or to try and access the washer. Got an hours sleep from 5:30-6:30, after leon got his dinner. Walked up to layton's room and layed down there to get him away from the cat. I'm usually only able to nap for an hour at a time and despite my exhaustion this was no different. After I got up again it was back to cleaning. James kept telling me to stop, but it was very difficult. Eventually after I emptied the dish washer and the clothes dryer I went up with him to talk and watch him play blue dragon. Exciting. :) He is the person I've ended up spending most of my time around though since layton doesn't stick around for very long. I get lonely without james to keep me company during the day. Night isn't so bad, so I don't know why day bothers me so much.

Might go back to cleaning after I get done here. Don't know.

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Jul. 20th, 2008 09:35 pm (UTC)
This is way late of a reply, but I just wanted to say thank you. I've been spending a lot of my time trying to re-ground and center myself. Things have been doing better now and I know whatever happens there will always be people there to listen.
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