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Last night after I posted that entry I had a couple. And then I got a call from my mom. Some black guy up in seattle has my phone and is demanding 40 dollars for it's return. It has my SSN in it, and I don't know who else has had ahold of it, let alone trust his honesty since he's pulling such a dickish move and claiming that he had the exact same thing happen to him, so today I have to go to the social security office in downtown kent and report it as stolen.

Things keep happening, one right after the other. People dying, pets getting hit by cars, things getting stolen. I'm ruining everyones life. Literally.

So last night I half assedly tried to run away. Join the circus or something. I don't believe that will solve my problems, but it would get me out of everyones hair. Anyway, I tried to run away from everything, but james dragged me back in the house and made me stay with him for the night. He doesn't trust me. Probably has good reason to not.

I'm so tired.