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Jun. 29th, 2008

Ended up breaking down today. Wasn't feeling so hot since I've spent most of the last two days alone, and because I expect to spend most the next two by myself as well. James upset me pretty bad by trying to cheer me up. Ended up crying on him. He called later and we talked for a little while, even though I wasn't really feeling up to it. Didn't say that to him. He tried to convince me that I need friends and suggested I invite roz over. I told him "no, she would detest leon," and that I'm fine without them. Spent my first 12 years of my life alone (actually I think it's more like 15), and the rest of it has only had one or two at any given time. And that's why I have a dog, which, incidentally I can't play with very well with no off leash areas in kent, auburn or anywhere else nearby. Right now I'm sitting at one. Just james. Can't really include layton since he just doesn't seem to like me very much anymore. At least that's the impression that he gives off. Every time I try to ask him a question, even if it's just a stupid one like what he wants to eat, he gets really irritable and angry sounding. If I have to call him, which I'm not going to do anymore (not even if the building burns down), he does the same thing. He's also been staying over at chetty's for the past two weekends. Last weekend it upset james since he can't stand knowing that he's home alone. Wonder how long until he bails out on the lease or something. It wouldn't surprise me if he did anyway.

And speaking of off leash areas for dogs... why do apartments have places for people to exercise but not places to exercise their pets? I'd use the basketball court at night if I could to throw a ball around for him but they have a no pet rule in there. Can understand why, but that doesn't make it any less fair. What am I supposed to do, throw balls around in a cramped apartment? Don't think so. He's running around in fucking circles, literally, because he can't get enough energy out on his walks. More often than not when he goes outside he'll just end up laying down in the grass. It's stupid. They have playgrounds for kids, they have a pet allowance policy but no place to play with them. I dunno, I suppose it's like a comment that was made in pokemon (a stupid thing to quote if it wasn't so true) that when you have a baby you end up seeing the world in a whole new light. Same thing rings true with my puppy.

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