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So after much stress I am finally going to be able to distance myself from the situation with recee. Thank god. I've done what was needed and apparently recee is going back to stay with the lady in oregon who had her originally. Which begs to question, why the hell didn't she just stay there in the first place? Melissa just doesn't understand how horrible of a thing that was for all the people here and that it was indeed just an accident. I told mom that I want nothing to do with her and to keep her away from me because if she doesn't, I will explode all over her ass and tell her everything I have pent up inside. How horrible and selfish of a person she is.

Took recee up to another animal hospital today, up in seattle. Had to leave the room when she was having her consult with the vet, and then completely leave the office to take a walk around the block when I heard her call recee her daughter. *sigh* It's basically she has never taken the time out to properly train her or had other dogs interact with her, so she has turned her into a spoiled rotten pooch that can't stand other dogs or other dogs other than her getting attention. She has never had a crate, her harnesses are almost impossible to get on, she throws shit fits beyond anything I have ever seen before in a dog around cars, will not get a proper haircut for her and expects everyone else to maintain it. I was having huge problems with recee picking fights with leon because I would give him attention and pick him up and carry him around instead of her. Very angry, snapping her teeth, barking, getting right up in his face and trying to nip. It made life with all the animals hell. But I'm not happy that this had to happen. In fact I am still very frustrated, I've just hit the plateau and am not dealing with this crap and melissa anymore.

My mom who never says anything negative about anyone has had plenty to say about her in frustration. My dad who is super easygoing and can get along with just about everyone has also asked that she be kept away from him. I've seen her butt herself into outings that were just supposed to be my mom and my dad, and have seen how upset it makes my dad to have that happen. She throws any problems that she has with katie onto other people and 75% of the time won't deal with them herself. Last time incident around the house, katie didn't want to eat her dinner and wanted ice cream instead. Melissa had told her that she had to talk to grandma if she wanted any. My mom was visibly upset by this and said that if she didn't finish her dinner than I suppose she couldn't and then walked out of the house with me over to my grandparents. You could hear katie screaming in the background about how it was so unfair. Melissa probably gave into her later. My mom then told me on our walk over that apparently katie pulled some shit like that the day before too. My dad wanted to watch tv, and melissa had promised katie a show, and when my dad came out to watch the tv (something he almost never does) katie sat down and threw a screaming tantrum while melissa ignored and left my parents to deal with it. I guess my dad eventually got uncomfortable and left the room.

Melissa's next inconsiderate stunt is she is going to hold a birthday party for katie on finley's birthday. All huge and elaborate, it's going to be taking away from what should be focused him. Melissa is gone during katies so you would think that she could damn well wait until the weekend after finley's birthday to celebrate. *shakes head* Someone needs to slap her and get her to wake up, too bad she has her head so far up her ass.

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