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Poor leon.

I feel bad for leon. He's trying so hard! It reminds me of that retarded kid you knew in school. The one who is always trying to play and get along with everyone but no one wants anything to do with him. It upsets me a lot because he's trying so hard to find someone to play with. Todd will pay minimal attention to him and reesie hates and wants nothing to do with him. :( I hope this changes though when she gets more used to him because leon needs playmates. I'm going to see if I can convince mom to take us to the dog park in kent sometime. Melissa is not going to be able to get back fast enough. I'm only getting paid 20 a week to take care of reesie and melissa will be gone for 4 weeks. I'm going nuts here already, and I've only been here for a few hours. I miss home! Dunno what it is about my parents house that drives me nuts but I feel bad about it. Just have to keep telling myself that it will be good for simon and james to have the both of us away. *sigh*

I'm hungry but there is nothing to eat. No big deal, there's nothing to eat down the hill either. Kinda bothers me though. Ended up eating one of katie's lunchables. Think I want spaghetti. I dunno. It's hard being me around food. If food wasn't nessicary to survival I probably wouldn't ever eat at all. And I know that's bad. Right now I'm just trying to drink lots of water.

Plech. I'm tired now. Leon has been acting high mantinance all day, I got to talk to layton and james, and I've written in here so I think it's about time to put leon in his crate and go to bed myself. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

And can you believe that I started this at 9:46 and it's now ending at 12:53? :) Mmmm, procrastination.

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Jun. 21st, 2008 10:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :) It's a little nuts for me right now, but today is a lot better. Todd is tolerating Leon a lot more which is nice. He's letting Leon run off with his toys and rawhides with little complaint, and it's funny seeing a little 8 pound dog running around with a two foot rawhide, though I don't want him to make it a regular thing of it.

And your shep, she's cute. Give her a scratch on the ears for me.
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