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Leon and Simon

Well, james came up with a name for him. Leon. It's a good name, he looks like leon I think. :) I've been sorta trying to potty train him today. Not sure it's been working so well, but that takes time and I didn't get off to a good start, that was totally simon's fault though. I went upstairs to sleep a little and simon came down and woke him up. Need to get a crate so I can crate train him. He's a little nippy on the ankles and I can't take him on million mile walks, especially when half the time he's making me to carry him. Not that I mind because I really don't want him to pick up any of the random ciggarette butts or other garbage that I see laying around. He likes to pick up half of everything he sees. A little earlier on one of our outings he decided he wanted to play with pinecones. :)

Leon.  So fucking adorable.  ^_^  With simon on the edge of the sofa. Simon let leon lay down next to him for a little bit He really lives that bag.  Always chewing on it and trying to pull the colors off. One ear up and one ear down.

Picture of the day:
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