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Well it all worked out.

He's a-freakin-dorable. But I had to spend the night away from him last night so I was really sad. Tried really hard not to think about it didn't end up working. Today I had to convince james to go with me, at least to look at him, to see him and hopefully bring him home with us. There was much deliberation on his part, and he was kinda dejected after, but we did in the end. Simon seems to like him. Having someone to play with. He likes to tease him by jumping over him, letting him chase him around the downstairs a little and then running up the stairs a little just beyond his reach where he'll jump up on the first stair to try and get at him and bark once when he can't. The barking always surprises me a little.

Oh yeah, I suppose I forgot that part. He's a corgi. A little baby pembroke welsh with one floppy ear and one pointy. I need to make an appointment for him in the morning. He's making weird sounds that I hope don't mean anything. Potty training him is going to be a bitch too. The girl at the pet shop said everyone who works there would probably be happy when they see he's gone. Apparently he'd been there for 4 weeks now, and the first week he was there some people came in and were going to get him, had a collar, toy and leash picked out and everything, but they never ended up coming back. It almost makes me wonder if it was because I had to come find him. He also ended up turning into a very popular puppy during his stay there. My mom was standing outside with him and a lady walked by with her kids and saw him. She asked if he was from the pet shop. When she found out that it was she made a comment about how here and her kids were in there a couple weeks earlier playing with him. I dunno. :) He's just the sweetest baby ever. It's funny because I was more looking for an older dog to give a place to live out the rest of his life. Always funny how things work out. James won't let me pay him back, he's just saying that I should buy him something really nice. I was a little troubled on that part until a zune commercial came on tv, then it dawned on me. He was going to replace his zune. So I asked him if he wanted a zune and james nodded furiously. So it's decided. I'm going to get him an 80 gig one.

Todd also likes him a lot. Had him up at the house for a little bit and while I was afraid that todd would play rough, and my mom was afraid he would get really territorial, but he ended up being really nice and sweet to him. Like he understood that it was a tiny baby and you can't play too rough with him. They had fun together.

We now have to figure out a name for him. And maybe if I can get pictures I'll post them up. Right now he's asleep on the sofa next to james. I'm going to sleep downstairs for a little while. Not sure if it will be one night or more. But I don't want him to poop or pee in james' room. I've still got to potty train him. He's been pooping everywhere. When we came home with him I told layton, bonus, since corgi's are stubby he won't have a problem with having a dog, or at least this dog, up on his bed.

Also, thanks to alare. It helped. ^_^

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Jun. 7th, 2008 09:27 pm (UTC)
I'm very happy with him though he has worn me out quite a bit, just like most small kids do, lol. It's lots of fun and he's really adorable. :)
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