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Ok, it's a new month and I hope to be better about this than I have.

Last night I went out to the mercury with layton. It ended up being a bad start to the night, but got better as it went along. Layton's car broke again and we had to ditch it in a parking lot while chetty came to pick us up. I get so incredibly fucking drunk when I'm out. It's something I've noticed that I really need to reign in a bit. Suppose layton doesn't help any. He's in the habit of buying anyone and everyone 50 drinks each. So yeah. Drinking heavily needs to stop as fun as it can be.

Today I've been spending recovering. Layton tried to get his car out of the lot where he had to leave it for the night but there were no flat bed trucks available from the towing company for him. I tried to tell him that he could get one from my grandpa but he refused. Stubborn as all hell.