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Okkk... so correct me if I'm wrong but the whole point in having a god damn extra key to a place is so that if someone loses their key that they will have access to another one and not be screwed out of fucking everything right? Well no, apparently not in layton-land. He's been keeping the fucking extra key, along with the mailbox one, in his fucking coat pocket. I've fucking told him time and fucking time again he does not get to keep the extra key and to put the fucking mailbox key with his car and house key. Does he listen? No. Not for half a fucking second. Once before I forced him to take his house key off the extra key chain and put it on his car keys he locked himself out of the house and had to call my phone and disturb me at 9:30 in the fucking morning when james and I were sleeping. And now he's gone out and lost the extra key along with the mailbox one AND the cabana key WHICH WE GET ONLY ONE OF. Fucking thrilling. So now I get to fucking worry out of my god damn mind that someone is going to fucking find that fucking key and have access to everything. Mail, house... We're fucking screwed and his dumbass had better fucking find it fast.

Yes, I am a tad angry about this.

In other news, I've started playing bioshock. It's fun. Wish I could have played it sooner after it came out but, you know, whatever works.

Picture of the day:
The Key is Lost
by ~AliceinDeadLand on deviantART

/he found the keys and is in the clear now. I've now taken over control of the extras though so this won't happen again.