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I suck or something...

Ever since I've moved out this updating thing has dropped off significantly. I can't exactly pinpoint why. It's weird. I suppose I could blame it on a many number of things, but that wouldn't help any. Just need to update.

I've been really tired and lethargic of late. Just can't get up the fucking energy to do anything and everything feels like a chore. No apetite either. It feels weird because I'm not even eating one meal a day, (as far as I feel) I'm not losing any weight, in fact it actually feels like I'm gaining, have no energy and am having to deal with an upset stomach in the morning. Ungh. What a weird auto-immune disease.

James' weekend was nice though. We went out to see the live action Death Note with mike, chris and a bunch of fucking squealing fangirls. Chris kept yelling at them to shut up, which was hella funny. ^_^ James didn't think that there were going to be too terribly many people there, but I bought everyones tickes online ahead of time. Even for chris when it was a couple hours before we were going to leave. I guess it ended up being a good thing because the theater was fucking packed and if I hadn't chris and mike might not have ended up getting any. Had to pull all the money out of my savings for it, but it really was worth it. Yesterday night, or rather very early this morning I got him to go for a small walk with me. It was nice because it was two in the morning, no one was out and we got to talk. :) I love midnight walks. They're the best. Too bad they can't be done more.

Simon is currently running around the house going nuts. Earlier he puked in layton's room. Layton thought it was crap. I had to ask simon wtf was up because his catbox is clean and then cleaned it only to find it was hair and such. Plus the fact that layton stepped on it and it didn't smear all over the carpet was another really big sign.

Now it's layton's weekend and he has to work. So that means no christina's like last weekend. Ah well. I just have to send the book to her though the mail. I'm making layton and james go to he great wall shopping mall tomorrow sometime. I really gotta get some more ramune. Lyke, OMG! It's so kawaii! (I have the most adorable sushi erasers by kawaii, hehe) *gag*fangirls*gag* Seriously, I love death note as much as the next person but you don't need to squeal at EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SCENE! Do that shit at home not in the theater where we're ALL trying to watch it. Bishes. Oh crap, this means I need to look up what kinds of noodles I need too. Damn. Should do that now.

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